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The estate will comprise of:

  • A small village of 44 limited mixed-use erven, set amongst a large oak forest and lanes, which creates the feeling of being in a traditional English village. The size of the erven will be 750m2, with a building coverage of 50% and a maximum height of two storeys;
  • 35 Farm homestead portions overlooking grass plains, majestic mountain valleys with indigenous forests and mountainous backdrops. The size of the homestead plots will be one acre (4000m2). The building coverage of these properties may not exceed 350m2 and a maximum height of two storeys;
  • All residents will have the right of access to the entire farm;
  • Two sites are earmarked for special development such as a boutique hotel and a health centre, being on opposite sides of the village;
  • In the village the Erven are limited mixed-use – some will comprise of a small bakery, butchery, bookshop, fruit & vegetable store on the ground floor with the shopkeeper living on top of his romantic little business;
  • The estate will have a large barn that will be used as a community centre and which the community may use for functions, such as weddings or parties;
  • All sites will be serviced with all necessary services, such as Roads, Water, Electricity, and Sewerage. Maintenance of these services is provided for by means of a levy;
  • The residents will also have access to other services such as cleaning & gardening.